Warrior Game

Warrior Game is a simple JavaScript application which I made during the spring 2014 when I was finally learning the basics of JavaScript. The game idea comes from a scene from one of my favourite movies, Magadheera. The fearsome barbarian chieftain Sher Khan doesn’t believe that Kala Bhairava could prevent 100 of his best men from touching princess Mithravinda, so they have a little fight where Bhairava must show his skills to Sher Khan.

In the Warrior Game, the player can move Bhairava by moving the mouse on the game screen. The warriors die when Bhairava is moved over them. The game is lost if one of the warriors gets to the other side of the bridge to the princess. Bhairava also has to dodge arrows shot by Sher Khan’s archers. Bhairava dies when he gets hit by three arrows.


Warrior Game

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